Top Five Hosting Plans from the HostGator

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If you are building a new website, you could be searching for a good web host. We cannot think of a better company than Hostgator. From what we have personally gathered, every type of hosting plan offered by this company is super quick. Page loading speeds are fantastic, and this is good because your site visitors will browse speedily and come back next time. Hostgator is a 24/7 service provider. Its technical staff is available every day to assist you with anything.  It claims to exceed people’s expectations and this has been proven by the numerous positive reviews it has received on , continue reading.

HostGator’s hosting service is meant for all kinds of website creators and users. Whether you wish to build a blog, forum site, wiki site, or an eCommerce store, you can do it faster with HostGator. It operates on PHP, Apache, Linux and MySQL. Hence, several apps and software tools that already exist are well-suited. Here are 5 different forms of hosting plans you can expect.

  1. WordPress Hosting – As you might know, WordPress is the most popularly used CMS when starting a blog. Rather than use a free hosting service, you should use a WordPress hosting service from HostGator. You will pay a small fee, of course, in exchange for full-time support and an automatic WordPress Installer. Once you grab this offer, you won’t need the services of an expensive web administrator. Instead, you will install the WordPress blog yourself.
  2. Joomla Hosting – Joomla tends to be as favored as WordPress. Instead of downloading and installing it manually, you could choose the customizable Joomla offered by HostGator. The CMS will still give you a lot of plugins. Thus, our advice to you is to save time and money with HostGator’s Joomla hosting plan.
  3. Magento hosting – Do you need an online e-Commerce store? If that’s the case, consider using a service powered by HostGator. Instead of following the longer path, you could just use this hosting plan to automatically install magento.  A free private SSL and a dedicated IP address are guaranteed too. These two will let you accept credit card payments.
  4. Drupal Hosting – A Drupal CMS blog is a nice one. But it is fantastic if hosted by HostGator. The quicker installer provided will still include a variety of plugins and themes that will let you customize your blog as you wish.
  5. Wiki Hosting – HostGator’s next kind of hosting targets owners of Wikipedia and Wiki sites. It makes use of a wiki software tool that promotes WikkaWiki, MediaWiki and other wikis. If you plan to have such a website, try this hosting package. It will be a fabulous way to let your readers participate directly on your site.

Apart from the above, this hosting company has what it calls phpBB Hosting. PhpBB is forum software provided freely on Open Source. As a result, the software is easy to configure and customize. If you install it via HostGator, the process will take an extremely short period.


The company promises up to 2x faster page loading time. It explains that pages load much faster because of low-density servers, top-notch hardware and several storage layers. Also, every user’s website content is efficiently organized. This quickens the speed at which requests are processed. Due to cloud hosting, websites are energized to cope with the escalating traffic. There is no single businessman that doesn’t aim to grow and expand.

HostGator’s technicians are aware of this fact as well. Hence, they have made their service four times more scalable. In other words, once your traffic doubles, you will have more cloud resources to sustain your initial speed and operations. There will be absolutely no downtime, rebooting or data migration. To catch up more on this company, click this and read carefully.