Online Law School – what it has?

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Additionally and thanks to various tools, supports and platforms, several institutions currently offer online education, virtual education and distance education. They are the same? Definitely not. Let’s know the differences:

9 reasons to study an online career

Studying a career online offers more advantages than you think. We give you 10 powerful reasons to take advantage of technology to study! Until a few years ago, studying a bachelor’s degree without attending a classroom was practically impossible. Today, thanks to technological advances, we have the opportunity to carry out university studies with a computer and Internet connection. However, some people still doubt the effectiveness of this type of education. Here are ten reasons why you should study an online career. Take note!

  1. Time and distance

With this modality you can plan your study times, balancing them with your other activities. In addition, you can choose the place where you want to connect and thus advance at your own pace. It is an ideal option for people who work and do not have time to spend on commuting.

MADISON WI/USA – JUNE 26 2014: Bascom Hall on the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The University of Wisconsin is a Big Ten University in the United States.

  1. Learning and practice

Undergraduate degrees and master’s degrees from the Online Law School we offer study programs designed according to market trends and the demands of employers in each field of knowledge. This allows you to put into practice all the knowledge you acquire during your training.

  1. Optimization of resources and savings

Online education programs allow you to balance all aspects of your lifeand study where and when you decide; likewise, they are usually less expensive than school studies. For example, the costs of an online master’s degree can be as low as 30% to those of a postgraduate course , while the payments of a degree can be 20% lower than the traditional ones.

  1. Wide variety of options

Online education allows you to choose from a wide variety of schools and programs not available in your area or that may not give you the flexibility you need.

  1. Effectiveness

Online Law School programs are 100% online, including registration and evaluation processes. That is, you do not have to move, which helps you to make your enrollment and learning process more effective.

  1. Official validity

Online Law School has bachelors and master’s degrees that have the same plans and study programs as in-person programs, and have the official recognition (RVOE) that guarantees their educational quality.

  1. Continuous advice

If you have any questions, the Online Law School programs have teachers and the technical support necessary to solve them. They are available during the week, 24 hours a day, to support your development process.

  1. Create your network of contacts

The students that interact in the virtual space are from different geographical spaces, which will allow you to know very varied points of view. These experiences enrich learning, building valuable professional and social networks.

  1. Security

In the Online Law School programs, the availability of your academic materials allows you to study, do your work and exchange ideas with teachers and other students from the security of your home. The same could be thought of in medicine and in many other careers. In this sense, the right is not the exception.

This type of “not strictly legal” texts will no longer tell us about the homicide, the contracts, the corporations or the ways to initiate judgment on another person, but they will reflect on the fact that there is something called “right”, on what that is what we call “right”, what defines it and what differentiates it from other normative orders (such as morality); he will reflect on what morals are and how they are related-if there is such a relationship-to law; how the law relates to politics, to power, to justice.

Reflect on how judicial decisions are made, what tools exist to analyze sentences; or else it will reflect on whether the law can be conceived as a logical deductive system or not; or how to analyze the validity of a legal norm and a very huge etcetera. None of this is exposed by the authors in definitive form. Needless to say that all these questions and problems deserve – they deserved and deserved – a plurality of answers according to the different authors we read. Schools, currents, positions and disputes of all kinds have emerged. For instance, entire libraries have been written to answer the simple question “What is law?”

Many of these works are usually included in what is usually called “General Theory of Law” and be seen in subjects of the race also with that name or titles of the style of “Introduction to law” (which, in turn, deals with themes also encompassable in the so-called philosophy of law). The important thing is that the reader understands that this second category of texts are not only those that you will find in the first courses of the race but also are accessible even before you start, which is what interests us. And if the reader has not noticed, there is one more benefit. While the works “strictly legal” make an obligatory reference to the current regulations in a country (a book of contracts of an Argentine author speaks of Argentine law, as expected), the texts of the second category are alien to political borders . To debate a common phenomenon, whose normative differences are not an obstacle for reflection? In fact, below we will recommend you anything!

if someone is thinking about studying law (or is already decided but will do so in the near future) it is convenient to leave aside the strictly legal texts (for example, a book on mortgages) and take some related reading with issues dealt with by the general theory of law. Hopefully, it will be more interesting, less tedious to read, and you will not necessarily need a previous theoretical apparatus. Start the online law study program as they benefit you the most!