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What are shower trays?

Shower tray has a maximum accessibility in minimum spaces. Designed to maximize space without disregarding comfort, they are ideal for reduced spaces. The variety of designs allows the adaptation to different styles in the creation of the bath. Its ergonomic and anti-slip design provides assurance against slipping. Want to buy a shower tray check out this detailed shower tray guide.

We tell you which are the best mineral resin showers tray you can buy see this detailed shower tray guide. The shower trays mineral resins are currently the best option when buying a shower. But the problem is that there are hundreds if not thousands of models of shower trays of mineral resins in the market. And all that glitters is not gold! There are resinous shower trays that unfortunately do not meet the required quality levels to the point of being able to give us real headaches. To explain if you should put it in a certain color, or with a design or another since that depends on your particular tastes. Log in to this detailed shower tray guide. Here what we explain to you is what points you should value to make sure that your resins shower tray is of quality by seeing this detailed shower tray guide.

What things are important when buying a resins shower tray?

Painted in mass

If you ask for a shower in any store, usually one of the things you will find is that they will tell you that the dish is very good because it is painted en masse. That’s something like saying that a car is safe because it has brakes. The fact that a resin plate is painted in bulk only means that the material that forms the base of the plate has been colored, but that is not indicative that the plate is of quality. If we think about it, what else does it give us if the dough that forms the dish has one color or another? The fact that a dish is “painted en masse” does not mean that it is of quality. Of course, if the dish is not painted in mass means that the dish is probably not of quality.

Surface always gel coat

Where the dish is really going to have contact with the dirt, the lime, the cleaning agents, our feet, is on the surface of the plate. The best material that currently exists is the gel-coat because it has much better resistance to cleaning agents than polyurethane paint, which is much more delicate and difficult to maintain over time.

Certificates of tolerance to cleaning products

There are also very large differences in the quality of the coatings that are made of gel coat. A way in which you can easily know if the dish is better or not is looking at the tests that overcome the action of certain cleaning products such as bleach etc…In these certificates, you will see if the shower tray can be affected by its appearance and shape depending on what type of products we use. See the detailed shower tray guide.

Anti-Slip Grade

Another thing that makes the mineral resin shower trays interesting is that they are less slippery than porcelain resins, but there are also important differences between them. The first thing is that the plate has an anti-slip certificate. The rating goes from 1 to 3. If the dish has a value of 1, it is correct but much better if it has 2 or 3. The rating of 3 is the best note a dish of mineral resins can have.

The valve is also important In addition to the quality of the dish is essential, we must not forget that the piece where they have to drain all the liters of water that we will use to shower is the valve. That the drain valve is of quality will avoid us having problems of possible water leaks or humidity in the future. The resin plates are imposed on porcelain and acrylic plates with a fairly fast pace in the market. Do you want to know the reason for this demand? Know all the reasons below.

Resin shower trays are made of a mixture of resins and pressed minerals and are more resistant than fiberglass and acrylic. In addition, they are composed of a waterproof material and it is possible to choose between different textures such as slate, limestone, natural stone, the manufacturers, as is our case, allows us to make extra-flat shower trays and big dimensions. Have a look at the detailed shower tray guide.

What to look in a shower tray- detailed shower tray guide:

1 – Greater rigidity:

They are characterized by being solid in most cases, providing a feeling of rigidity so far only in porcelain dishes. Most dishes often give a sense of instability and fragility with a difference of the protagonists.

2 – Warmth:

It is a luxury for the winter! The component materials of the shower tray cause a warm and pleasant sensation in the feet of the human being, avoiding the cold of the porcelain.

3 – Made to measure:

We manufacture custom shower trays always depending on the hole you have in the bathroom. It will be very practical especially to get the most out of small bathrooms. Furthermore, it is possible to have a flat surface over the entire length of the support when installing thereby saving you and avoid having to add additional leveling supplements.

4 – Non-slip surface:

The blows are over! They have the highest safety score, the surfaces are rough or smooth but in all cases, they have non-slip treatments that are normally certified as class 1, a value totally suitable for use, and even grade 2 certifications, recognition that are well above the values obtained by the rest of the shower trays. View this detailed shower tray guide.

5 – Easy installation:

The most differentiating point of the resin plates is that they already come with perfectly defined slopes. The person who is responsible for installing it only has to worry that it is perfectly flat, ensuring always …

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