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So many things we hear about fulvic acid and how it is important for the body to function healthily. But what exactly is this fulvic acid? Many can even tell you a lot about the Vitamins from A all the way to E, but unfortunately when it comes to this, they can hardly even pronounce the names of the trace minerals. (Want to test? here is one, molybdenum)

As ignored as they are, these trace minerals are exactly as important for the body as any of those vitamins. So to understand what fulvic acid really is, we must first learn what trace minerals are.

What are the Trace Minerals?

To state it simply, these are the salts of the earth that can be found in rocks and ores. These are some essential liquid minerals that both the plants and the animals that eat those plants require.

But a tragedy of this era is that we have increased the use of fertilizer and pesticides so much that it is actually affecting the delivery system. Because of this the crops are actually grown in a “dead soil” that is utterly deficient of the essential minerals, the food that we eat eventually is all junk. And the lack of these trace minerals makes our body sick.

There are many fixes for this. And the health-food market makes a lot of money out of it. It is no big deal for us to just pop some pills and call it compensation. But in reality, it is just a great mix of the metals that we don’t even need.

And since our body has a hard time absorbing them, it is not much use anyway. They actually require humates and fulvates to break them into simpler substances that can easily be absorbed by the body.

Which leads us to…

What is Fulvic Acid?

So here comes the real question, what is fulvic acid? It is actually a cluster of trace minerals that we require to have the nutrients transported and absorbed in our bodies, without it all the nutrients are of much less use.

What Good is the Fulvic Acid?

You can make a whole long list of the wonder of the fulvic acid. Some of them may include

  • Powerful Detoxification Agent
  • Incredible Antioxidant
  • Great Enzyme Activator
  • Digestive Agent
  • And, A Natural Electrolyte

There are a lot more from where that came from. And this not just confined to the health of the body. Sure it makes your body much healthier and make you feel much better, but what it also does is make you behave much better.

What does it mean by “make you behave better”? Well, you see all the things that we do and feel are because of the chemicals that are inside our body. Now when the trace minerals in fulvic acid optimizes our body there are behavioral benefits as well.

For example, when you have optimized energy, then it reduces the tendency for you to overreact to something. And if you are a smoker, then due to the detoxification of harmful toxins like nicotine, it probably makes you crave less for smoking.

There are so many other benefits of fulvic acid like improved cognition, increase in libido, reduction of the need for antibiotics and hair restoration. It is also used as treatment for many diseases like athlete’s foot, open wounds. Eczema, injury, insect bite, poison ivy, etc.

What is Fulvic Acid Really Made of?

This might have haunted you for a long time, most people don’t have an answer to that either. Fulvic acid is actually the product of microorganisms feeding on the dead flora. And it used to be provided naturally to the plants and through plants to the animals, but that is not the case anymore.

Again, because of the increased use of these fertilizer and pesticides, these microbial activities that are crucial for all living organisms to attain the trace minerals is now utterly destroyed and for what? To kill the insects and increase the yield. What good is the increased yield if the quality is so much less?

After all, we are what we eat. And we are eating junk crops, and due to this deficient intake of food our body is more susceptible to diseases now more than ever.

Where Can You Find Fulvic Acid?

Well, as unsophisticated as it sounds, the answer to that question is to dig into the dirt. That’s right, if you need some fulvic acid, there is no better source than the dirt itself.

Of course that doesn’t literally mean that you feed on the dirt. (Oh did you think that’s what it meant? Sorry!). It means that you look for the food that is grown underground like maybe potatoes and radishes.

And if you are a sweet tooth, this one might please you. The organic blackstrap molasses that come from the raw sugar cane is also a great source of fulvic acid. This is because the roots of the sugar cane extend way into the earth.

It can also be found in the natural substance called the “shilajit” that is obtained from the crack in the mountains in Asia. It also known as “rock sweet”. Fulvic acid is a very popular medication in China, it has been since the 14th Century.

Fulvic acid is actually used a lot in the bath therapy as well. It is extremely safe and beneficial. The mud bogs in Europe are known to produce a special peat moss that is very high in the concentration of fulvic acid and thus the trace minerals.

What is Fulvic Acid Like?

Meaning how does it look and feel. Well to describe it, in its purest forms, it has no odor and it yellow in color. Also it does not have any kind of taste. If there is some sort of taste then you can be sure that it is not pure and some sort of chemical has been added to it.…

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